Exhibitor Services

Our clients have often told us with SAVOR’s help, the fastest way to their customers is through their stomachs. The aroma of popcorn or the whir of an espresso machine attracts attendees from all corners of an exhibit hall. And, very few attendees can resist a smoothie or a Chicago-style hot dog on a summer day. Add your logo to popcorn bags, coffee cups or sheet cakes to build awareness and excitement throughout the show floor. These and other booth hospitality services are now easily available with just a few clicks of your mouse. SAVOR… Chicago is committed to making it easy for you to get the most out of your event. Simply talk with your SAVOR representative and begin planning your experience.

Documentation List

The administrative forms below may be printed and faxed, and/or passed on with show management’s exhibitor information packets:

General Information – Exhibitor Menu
Sampling Authorization Request – Food Show
Sampling Authorization Request – Non Food Show
Exhibitor Order Form

We can be reached by phone, fax or email if you have any questions regarding these forms or any of our other services.

Phone: 312.791.7250
Fax: 312.791.7280
E-Mail: info@savorchicagomcpl.com